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Kaikoura Lge Long 100 x 40

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Kaikoura: stunning coastal cliffs, abundant marine life, majestic mountains, and captivating sunsets. Nature's wonderland captured in 3D


Layers: 7

Frame Dimensions: 1000mm wide, 400mm high, 40mm deep

Weight: approx. 10kg


Kaikoura Lge Long 100 x 40

Choose Frame Colour

Each layer in this map is cut from bamboo plywood, a rapidly renewable and beautiful resource. Our supplier uses formaldehyde-free E0 glues, and sustainably sourced bamboo. We cut, hand-sand and colour each layer using a colourfast, non-toxic stain of our own formulation. We then fit the map into an FSC pine frame.

The standard frame colours are Black or White.

Framed map measures 1000x400x40mm.

It weighs around 10kg, and comes ready to hang.


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